My offer
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Depending on the needs, I offer communication training, personal development and coaching in individual settings and in small groups. In addition, working with older people is very close to my heart. Therefore, I also offer senior care. 


Coaching for individuals

Training for companies

Senior care

Coaching for

Early on, I recognised the importance of interpersonal and introspective communication, which accompanied me both in my professional life and during my training. I have consistently been able to expand and demonstrate my theoretical knowledge by means of practical applications. I would like to pass this on to you with coaching that is tailored towards your individual needs – since: Targeted coaching helps you work out your personal goals effectively.


I would like to help you with the following topics. Together we will identify and name your resources and find out what strategies are right for you.

  • Conflict counselling and conflict management
  • Managing stress
  • Teaching relaxation and regeneration techniques Regenerationstechniken
  • Creating a healthy psychosocial environment
  • Dealing with illness, parting and death
  • Decision-making, quest of meaning, planning for the future
  • Behavioural strategy, autonomy and heteronom
  • Working environment
  • Communication and cooperation in groups and teams

Training for

I offer companies individualised training plans: In times of online shopping, social media and constant digital progress, strategies, routines and tools have to be adapted to changing markets. Relevant expertise and inherent skills should be trained continuously. After an intensive training period, I offer a follow-up plan tailored individually to your needs, which your company and teams can use as an additional tool.

I would like to help you with the following topics.

  • My dynamic selling programme focuses on linking storytelling, experience and your product. Creating emotiveness, commitment and relationships with customers is still the greatest challenge in retail. Together we will turn your walk-in customers into loyal regular customers, who in turn will become your brand ambassadors
  • Remote selling and social selling in digital channel
  • Selling transparent and measurable added value
  • Managing objections and complaints in a professional manner

Senior care

I have worked with seniors for many years in their private accommodations and in various nursing homes. While I am, of course, in your service, their stories, wisdom and life experiences have priceless value to me. People in their final stages of life deserve to be treated with dignity and love, and to feel safe and comfortable. They need people with time and resources to recognize their unique needs and respond to them individually, with patience and care.

Activities that I offer in my work with older people

  • physical exercise
  • mental stimulation
  • Daily cognitive work and (if necessary) exercises to help with memory loss and dementia
  • through, for example, keeping a diary
  • methods for support in everyday life

Prices and more information on request.